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New puppy introduction

Mastering the New Puppy Introduction: Integrating a Puppy with Adult Dogs or Cats

Introducing a new puppy to a household with adult dogs or cats can be a heartwarming experience, but it requires careful planning and a patient approach. Just like us, our beloved pets can have mixed reactions to newcomers. To ensure a smooth and successful transition, here are some valuable tips for a new puppy introduction […]

Cat and Dog During Heatwaves

How to Take Care of Your Cat and Dog During Heatwaves

Summer is a time of carefree days spent outdoors. However for our beloved four-legged friends, it can be challenging. High temperatures can lead to overheating, dehydration, and other serious health implications. That is why it’s important to know how to properly take care of our cat and dog during heatwaves. Here are a few tips that […]

young kitten with mom cat

Healthy food for pregnant dogs and cats.

Healthy nutrition for pregnant mothers-to-be, puppies, and kittens: We select the finest nutrition during pregnancy and early life. Pregnancy in our beloved pets is a time when ensuring proper nutrition plays a key role. Choosing the right food has a significant impact on the health and development of both the mother-to-be and young ones. In […]

Cat grooming and care

Cat grooming and care: cleaning ears, teeth, fur and eyes.

Cats, unlike dogs, don’t seem to need as much grooming. Cats excel at taking care of themselves, but we can lend a hand with a few treatments. We can assist them with cat grooming and care treatments like combing, claw trimming, or brushing their teeth, ears, and eyes. Starting these routines when kittens are still […]

Feeding pet birds and possible dietary supplements.

Pet birds are popular and adorable companions that bring joy and beauty to our homes. However, providing them with a proper diet is crucial for their health and well-being. In this article, we will discuss feeding pet birds and possible nutritional supplements, such as NEKTAR-VIT by Tropical. How to feed pet birds  It is important […]

Probiotic helps dogs and cats

Amazing benefits of giving probiotic food to dogs 

Probiotic food for your dog’s health: Discover the amazing benefits  Did you know that the balance of bacterial flora in your dog’s intestines is of great importance to their overall health? For example adequate bacterial flora affects digestion, the immune system and many other aspects of health. If your dog has digestive problems, a weakened immune […]

Safe products for cats

Can Cats Eat Human Food?

This is a common question that cat owners often ask themselves. In this article, we will find out what human products cats can eat and whether they are safe to eat, and we should avoid.  What vegetables and fruits are safety for cats? Vegetables and fruits are essential components of a healthy human diet, but are […]

food for your pet

What food to choose for a cat, dry or wet?

Choosing the right form of food for your pet is a real challenge, it is the eternal problem of most pet owners.   In this article, we will try to tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing cat food. Cats are very different from dogs. It is important to pay attention to these […]

Dry food for dogs with allergies

Dry food for dogs with allergies. Unfortunately, dog food allergies affect not only people, but animals as well. Many dog owners have trouble determining whether their dog’s stomach or skin problems are a result food allergy. How to distinguish an allergy from a food intolerance?  Dog food allergies and dog intolerances have different symptoms, however […]