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dog & cat together

Dogs & Cats – can these animals live together?

Dogs and cats are animals that are opposites, contrary to appearances, they can live under one roof. The relationship between them depends largely on the caregiver – their actions and attitude. Cats and dogs are animals that in our consciousness are forced to be enemies, both pop culture and language antagonize them. After all, enemies, not friends, live like a dog with a cat. However, there are dogs and cats that not only tolerate each other, but are even best friends. We advise on how to reconcile a dog with a cat.

Dog and cat under one roof – is it possible?

Dogs and cats are two different species whose needs and habits are fundamentally different from each other. This by no means means, however, that they cannot live in the same house, everything depends on us. If you have a cat at home, but would like to adopt a dog (or vice versa), you must be reasonable and comprehensive. The point is not that animals necessarily have great affection and spend every moment together. We strive to ensure that they can exist under one roof, while feeling the same comfort.

Together, a cat and a dog can make a really cool team.

This is most possible with small animals. A puppy and a kitten which live together almost from the beginning of their lives will have no problems. The lack of educated instincts (as well as the lack of prejudices) contributes to proper socialization and building good relationships. What about older animals? The situation may be a bit more difficult here, but it is by no means a stalemate. As a guardian, you have several useful tools at your disposal to acclimatize the dog and cat.

Dogs and Cats – How to Get Pets Together

At the beginning, it is worth realizing that the bonding process cannot be rushed. Sometimes they get to like each other relatively quickly, but don’t expect a great friendship to bloom on the very first evening. The most important thing is the comfort and well-being of both the dog and the cat. The most important rules for bonding are:

  • patience,
  • not forcing animals to do anything,
  • accepting the fact that animals have a right to reserve and dislike.
  • before you start getting to know each other, make sure that both pets are of good health.

There are several diseases that can be passed on between species. Both the dog and the cat must therefore be dewormed and vaccinated. If a pet comes into your home that you do not know its past, wait at least two weeks before introducing it to your four-legged family members (of any species).

Do you want to reconcile a dog with a cat? Give them time

Socializing a dog and a cat is a process that can take quite a long time. Never leave them on their own and don’t assume they’ll get there by themselves. In this peace of mind, you put both pets in danger.

A frightened cat has two options – run away or attack. The dog’s instinct tells them to chase the fleeing fur, while cat’s claws are, contrary to appearances, a very dangerous weapon.


The first step in getting a dog to know a cat must be isolation. The new pet should be placed in a separate room that the resident pet has no access to. In small apartments, this function is usually performed by use of a bathroom.

Spend some time with each animal in separation.  This way you transfer the scent of one to the other, and they have a chance to get used to it. After a few days, the rooms can be changed. 

During the first meeting, the cat should be secured in the carrier. It is best to choose one that will not allow your dog to put their nose or eyes at reach. Only after the animals get to know each other can we allow them to meet face to face.

Remember not to leave the animals alone. You must do whatever it takes to be able to intervene if necessary. Even if the situation seems calm and safe, the first meeting is only temporary. Repeat meetings a few more times and  finish the isolation after some time. 


It is impossible to say the exact time it takes for each of the steps mentioned above. In principle, however, it is better to proceed slowly. Watch closely how the relationship develops. If you feel something is wrong – one of the animals is clearly stressed, in aggression or panic – this is a clear sign to go back to the previous step.


It’s worth making sure that all positive behaviors are rewarded, prepare some treats before the meeting. Do not spare your praise either. However, everything should take place when the atmosphere is neutral and the animals are not stressed or – even less – panicked.

A much better solution is to reinforce good behavior, don’t punish the animals, don’t shout at them and never apply physical punishment. You will only reinforce the feeling of stress.

Stay calm

Putting together animals can be stressful. However, try to stay calm, cool your head and keep your emotions in check. Your stress and fear will be felt by the animals immediately. They will automatically become more tense and nervous. If necessary, drink a cup of lemon balm and try to relax.

Cat and Dog Together – What to Do if Mating Animals Goes Wrong?

If there is aggression or very strong distrust between the animals, it is very likely that the process of socialization with isolation took too little time. Then it is worth taking one step back and returning to the previous stage.

However, if you feel that the whole process is going wrong and you are simply not getting on with it, it is very possible that an intervention by a behaviorist or trainer will be necessary. Don’t be afraid to ask for help as a bad start can lead to difficult relationships in the future. Especially if there is a power imbalance between a cat and a dog, it is a very dangerous situation. Does it always work? Unfortunately not. In some cases, cats and dogs are unable to function together without aggression and fear. 

Dogs and cats together – on the same level

If your dog and cat are to live under the same roof in your home, you must remember that these animals are equal. Unfortunately, many people tend to treat the cat as a guest. When a new pet comes into the house, we are usually very excited. We want the new household member to feel good and we do everything to build the best possible relationship with him. However, it is very important not to neglect the resident. Regardless of whether it is a cat or a dog. For our first member of the household, the appearance of a foreign animal in their area is an extremely stressful experience. It is worth showing them even more support and tenderness at this point, which will make them understand that they are safe in their home no matter what.

Dogs and cats can really get along well, however, the most important thing for you is both feel comfortable in each others presence. Don’t make them love each other, acceptance should be treated as a great success. The basis for a successful combination is patience, peace and sticking to specific steps. The resident should have a lot of support from you, and the new pet has the right to explore the new environment.

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