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Changing your dog’s food. Is it worth it?

Changing your dog’s food in order to achieve optimal health.

A dog, just like a human, has its taste preferences, it is important to pay attention to your pets health. The optimal composition of healthy food is important when choosing food for your dog.

As the guardian of your best friend, you will certainly do everything to keep them in the best possible shape. 

This is influenced by many factors, the most important being proper movement and balanced nutrition. 

Once you have found a food suitable for your dog, does it make sense to change it? 

In order to optimally care for your pet, you should feed different types of food. In what situations is it worth making changes to the dog menu? 

Food variety is important 

Feeding one type of food all the time is not in line with your dog’s nature. Therefore it is worth making changes in flavor and types of food. Currently, the use of ready-made food is a convenient solution as it provides the animal with a mixture of ingredients necessary for optimal health. 

Better is the enemy of good 

The dog food market is growing rapidly. New products are constantly emerging with better sources of protein, enriched with more nutrients, supplements, vitamins and minerals. Foods of natural origin, rich in good quality, fresh animal protein, are becoming more and more popular. Dry food, prepared with a special cold-pressed technology, preserve maximum quality. In the face of so many options, why not change the food served to your pet? 

dogs food optimal health
dogs food optimal health

The monotonous menu gets boring quickly 

Some dogs are naturally picky eaters and get bored quickly. If you have a particularly culinary-demanding pet, a good idea to satisfy it’s taste buds is to change the food regularly. 

Dog age and changing nutritional needs

Your four-legged friend’s physiology changes with age. Therefore, its nutritional needs also change. If you want to take optimal care of your pet, adjust the food to the nutritional need for the age. There is a reason to change to a less caloric food when there is a need to reduce your dog’s weight. 

How do I introduce my dog to a new food?

If you decide on changing the food, you must proceed with caution and prudence. Food should be introduced gradually. 

Such a process requires patience, which is sure to pay off. 

When choosing a new food, pay attention to whether the company offers food in different flavors and the foods composition. 

As we wrote in previous articles, click for article. The composition must be short and understandable to you. The longer the list of ingredients, the more difficult it is to introduce new food. 

If the company you buy from offers a variety i.e. poultry, beef, fish or venison, it is worth choosing them. TropiDog offers a wide variety of food to meet the changing pallet of your dog.

The composition of food in most companies have the same ingredients, only the type of meat changes.

Where to start?

  • In the first days, you can give the new food in the form of treats. If you decide on a better food, the dog will immediately sense a larger amount of meat. 
  • The next step is to mix the dog’s “old” food with the new one in proportions of 25% to 75%. Do this for the first 3 days. 
  • From day 4 to day 7. You can give 50% to 50% half a portion of the old food and half of the new. 
  • After 7 days you can give 75% of the new food and 25% of the old. 
  • On the 10th day, you can give a full bowl of the new food. Of course, if there are no adverse reactions, you can replace 1 daily meal with a new product. After a few more days switch completely to the newly selected, healthy dog food.

In conclusion, it is worth changing your dogs food for optimal health to be achieved.

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