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How to change cat food and is it worth it? 

Your cat has been eating only one type of food for some time, but you feel that it does not serve it well? Time to change dry food for your cat.

Maybe you have read or seen an ad for a new better food and would like to try it? 

Today we will tell you how to convince our stubborn cats to change. 

As we know, we ourselves do not like changes. Is your cat stubborn? There are ways around it. 

As an owner of a cat (or several cats!), you know perfectly well the feline character is not the easiest. Cats can have very complex personalities. They are easily offended and willing to display their independence, therefore, dealing with them can be a huge challenge. 

How do I switch my cat to a different food? 

At first you have to be patient; your cat may not even notice that the contents of its bowl have changed. 

Switching your cat to a new food suddenly, is not the best idea. It is much better to do it gradually. 

change cat dry food
change cat dry food

My cat won’t eat the new food – what should I do? 

Imagine a person whose menu consists mainly unhealthy food. If they were to start eating healthy from day to day, it would certainly be a very difficult task. Changes in nutrition must be initiated slowly. This rule also applies to cats as well.  

Bet on gradual changes 

If your cat has had a favorite food so far and you are planning on changing, do it slowly. In the beginning add a little bit of the food you want to switch with, to the food your cat has been eating. Slowly change the proportions until the new food predominates the meals. Proportions are very important here. During the first few days, prepare meals with 20% of the new food and 80% of the old food and gradually increase. This process can take anywhere from a few days to weeks. 

Switching your cat to a different food is not as easy as it may seem. Cats can be very picky eaters, and in many cases, they’d rather go hungry than eat a meal they don’t like. That’s why any changes to your cat’s diet should be gradual, so they have time to get used to the new palate. If you follow these simple steps, introducing new food to your cat’s menu will certainly be successful. 

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