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cats lose their teeth

Do cats lose their teeth and why?

Do cats lose their teeth? Is this a normal occurrence or is it caused by health problems. Experienced cat lovers know the answers to these questions, but beginners may not know.

The answer to the first of these questions is: cats also lose their teeth! We encounter this process both in kittens and in adult cats. Is this a normal phenomenon? Or maybe the result of the disease?

Loss of teeth in kittens:

Kittens are born without teeth, they begin to grow out when they are about 3 weeks old. These first teeth are called milk teeth. A cat’s milk teeth are relatively small and delicate, after a while they start to fall out. This is when the animals are approximately 14 weeks. Of course, permanent teeth grow in their place.

The replacement of teeth in kittens is the same as in children. The only difference is that it takes place at a different age and at a different pace. Kittens grow much faster than humans and reach adulthood faster

Loss of teeth in adult cats

Loss of teeth also occurs in adult cats. It is an unnatural phenomenon due to health problems. We can mention, among others, caries, calculus and gingivitis. These types of problems can be the result of inadequate nutrition.

Loss of teeth in elderly cats

Old cats can lose their teeth too. The causes being  primarily diseases of old age. With age, gum disease may appear, among other things. Unfortunately, our pets are not free from health problems when they reach a certain age.

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