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Is dry food good and healthy for a dog? 

When considering the best feeding method, we often consider various options available. Dry, wet, semi-moist food or homemade food. Each of these types of food can and should guarantee the dog proper nutrition, meet energy needs and additional body support. 

Nevertheless, the most frequently chosen method is dry food, let’s check if it’s right. 

Advantages of dry food 

The first advantage is that when choosing a good quality product, we get a wholesome and balanced meal for the pet, which ensures its proper development. 

Is dry dog food healthy? 

Complete dry dog food is fully sufficient to cover the daily requirements for metabolic energy. Research also proves that long-term feeding of dry food as the only diet allows it to meet all its nutritional needs. It is important that food is tailored to a specific dog, taking into account its individual requirements, such as age and other needs. The best dry food not only meets the demand for nutrients, building materials and energy, but also assists in the processes of regulating chemical changes in the body. It’s high digestibility guarantees that the dog will get everything necessary. 

When considering best dry foods, it is easy to assess whether the product is good and healthy for our dog. The quality of the diet is visible – like the quality of the fur (color, elasticity), the mouth odor, the appearance of the eyes and nose, mood and general condition. Whether the food served is healthy is also evidenced by the dog’s immunity level achieved as a result of eating it, its build, and such a mundane issue as the appearance of the feces.  

In addition, the ease of storage allows you to maintain freshness and health-promoting effects for longer. 

It is worth paying attention to mixing dry food with wet food. 

For many dogs, a combination of dry and wet food is advisable for various reasons. However, if there is no such necessity and health justification, it is better, safer and more balanced for the digestive tract to stick to one, clearly defined form of nutrition. 

dry food good and healthy
dry food good and healthy

What nutrients should the food contain? 

  • Meat first 

The most sought-after ingredient in pet food is meat. It is an excellent source of protein and fat, which are the basic energy component. 

  • Raw materials of plant origin 

However, meat does not have to be the only source of protein and fat. The composition of dog food should also include: 

  • fish oils (for example, from salmon) or 
  • raw materials of plant origin, for example, linseed oil. 

These oils are a great source of polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), which perform important functions during growth and development, as well as the functioning of the brain and nervous system in adult and older dogs. 

These acids are actually the only essential fats. 

Their disadvantage, from the point of view of food producers and recipients, is the fact that they oxidize quickly. Therefore, any food containing such oils contains more vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant. 

Fruits and vegetables 

Fruits and vegetables are the main source of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes in a dog’s diet. We all know carrots, celery or fruit. There are exceptions i.e. beet pulp, behind this uninspiring name is a source of very good dietary fiber, conducive to the proper functioning of the microflora of the digestive system and the health of the large intestine. 


There are many types of cereals in food: wheat, barley, oats, rice and corn. We often find enzymes from peas or potato, although many owners consider them to be of lower quality to animal protein. Cereals are carbohydrates that our pets need in small amounts. Of all the grains that are safe and digestible in dog foods, only rice and corn are safe and digestible. 

Foods containing more than 40%-50% cereals are considered unnatural and not. 

To sum up: dry food has many advantages, but the most important of them is balance. This means that the food is. 

Let’s watch our pet and check whether they like the food and accept it. Let’s not forget that the food should provide the right amount of energy and all the necessary nutrients.

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