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Which dog toys choose

Which dog toys should you choose? Guide.

Responsible pet owners should provide play accessories to their dogs. How to choose, so that your pet is safe during games? What to look for when choosing such accessories? The choice of dog toys is very large, the most important thing is to buy them from a reliable source. In this article, you will find some valuable tips on what to buy for your pet.

Puppy toys

Young dogs love to play and spend time actively. How to choose toys for them that will be fun? Pay attention to the size of the toy, remember that the pet must be able to embrace it, or at least with its jaw. Hardness is also important.

Young dogs have milk teeth that are not as strong as those of adult animals. That’s why puppy toys shouldn’t be hard – it’s a good idea to invest in teethers made of soft rubber first. Teethers in which you can insert treats are a good idea, thanks to such toys, dogs will not bite shoes.

Biting toys will allow the tartar to be rubbed off, thanks to which our puppy’s teeth will be healthier. In addition, when biting toys, the blood supply to the gums improves. A good idea for a toy for a pet that has a lot of energy is also a frisbee – preferably made from soft rubber. The dog should be able to comfortably grasp them with his teeth making it perfect for playing together for both the dog and owner.

Pupy with toy

Toys for mature dogs
We choose gadgets for an adult dog taking into account the temperament of our pet.  Adult dogs have strong teeth and toys made of hard plastic will work well for them. However, elderly dogs already have weaker teeth, and then you need to switch back to soft rubber gadgets, such as for puppies. Older dogs tend to be less vigorous and do not usually like much exercise, but it is worth buying dog toys for rolling, biting and licking – remember that such toys also help to take care of our pet’s health.

Toys to help raise a dog

Many professional dog gadgets are helpful in raising a pet. What toys will play and teach? Toys, which are simple logic games, are a great idea – the dog must perform certain actions to get to the hidden treats. Such toys can engage the dog for a very long time.

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