TropiDog Premium Light-Sterilised – Adult for all breeds. High in chicken, with rice 2,5kg or 12kg


is a high-quality and low-calorie food for the following adult dogs of all breeds and sizes: overweight dogs, sterilized dogs, dogs with tendency to gain weight or with low activity levels. Perfect for maintaining optimal body weight after weight loss treatment.

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High level of easily assimilable protein and lowered fat content* reduce body weight without muscle loss. Increased share of dietary fiber gives the dog a feeling of satiety. Regular use of TropiDog Adult All Breeds Light / Sterilised – high in CHICKEN, with RICE and increase of physical activity help to maintain proper body weight.

The food is adjusted to the dietary needs of adult dogs. Do not use it to feed puppies or still growing dogs, pregnant or breastfeeding females or dogs which need lowered content of protein in their diet (e.g. some senior dogs).
*In comparison to standard TropiDog food.

TropiDog Premium Light-Sterilised

Weight Control

Reduced fats and calories help to reach and maintain optimal body weight. High level of easily digestible protein and added lysine help to preserve muscle mass during weight loss treatment and added L-carnitine boosts metabolism and facilitates fat burning.

TropiDog Premium Light-Sterilised

Joint Support

Guaranteed level of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, which help to protect overloaded joints and increase cartilage endurance and elasticity.

TropiDog Premium Light-Sterilised

Antioxidant Formula Complex

Antioxidant complex which includes Vitamins E, C, selenium and natural active antioxidants from Kelp algae, helping to protect body cells against the formation and harmful effects of free radicals.


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