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Feeding pet birds and possible dietary supplements.

Pet birds are popular and adorable companions that bring joy and beauty to our homes. However, providing them with a proper diet is crucial for their health and well-being. In this article, we will discuss feeding pet birds and possible nutritional supplements, such as NEKTAR-VIT by Tropical.

How to feed pet birds 

It is important to provide pet birds with a balanced and varied diet that reflects their natural eating habits. The basis of most birds’ diet is seed, such as grain mixes. However, the seed itself may not contain all the necessary nutrients, you may want to consider introducing dietary supplements. 
Pet birds may also receive additional nutrients from fresh vegetables and fruits, which can be an excellent supplement to the bird’s diet. It is important to provide them with variety by offering different types of vegetables and fruits. To avoid harming the birds, it is advisable to refrain from consuming human food items such as sweet snacks, fatty foods, or chocolate. 

Food supplements for pet birds, such as NEKTAR-VIT by Tropical 

Food supplements can be a valuable to the diet of pet birds, providing additional vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. One of such supplements is NEKTAR-VIT by Tropical. Birds can use NEKTAR-VIT, a liquid nectar concentrate, as a dietary supplement.
Nektar-Vit is a high-energy, stabilized food supplement in the form of vitaminized nectar, created especially for birds. This liquid formulation contains a rich blend of vitamins such as B vitamins, C, E, K, PP, d-pantothenic acid and biotin, as well as amino acids. This enables, Nektar-Vit to providesfull support for the health and good condition of birds. 
Nektar-Vit is recommended especially in periods of increased demand for nutrients, such as moulting, growth or reproduction. It acts as a prophylactic against avitaminosis, supports birds in these important periods of their lives. In addition, Nektar-Vit can also be used during treatment or severe stress, caused by e.g. changing the cage, transport or acclimatization. 
Dietary supplements such as Nektar-Vit are extremely useful in supplementing the diet of pet birds. They provide birds with essential nutrients to support their health and well-being. 

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