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Safe products for cats

Can Cats Eat Human Food?

This is a common question that cat owners often ask themselves. In this article, we will find out what human products cats can eat and whether they are safe to eat, and we should avoid.  What vegetables and fruits are safety for cats? Vegetables and fruits are essential components of a healthy human diet, but are […]

food for your pet

What food to choose for a cat, dry or wet?

Choosing the right form of food for your pet is a real challenge, it is the eternal problem of most pet owners.   In this article, we will try to tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing cat food. Cats are very different from dogs. It is important to pay attention to these […]

Changing your dog’s food. Is it worth it?

Changing your dog’s food in order to achieve optimal health. A dog, just like a human, has its taste preferences, it is important to pay attention to your pets health. The optimal composition of healthy food is important when choosing food for your dog. As the guardian of your best friend, you will certainly do everything […]

How to change cat food and is it worth it? 

Your cat has been eating only one type of food for some time, but you feel that it does not serve it well? Time to change dry food for your cat. Maybe you have read or seen an ad for a new better food and would like to try it?  Today we will tell you how […]

choose the best dry food

How to choose the best dry food for your dog & cat? 

Often, we choose food for our pet based on the opinion of the seller or friend.  However, it is worth having basic knowledge of your pet in order to choose the best option.  We will give you some of the most important tips that will quickly help you choose the best food. In addition to […]

Is dry food good and healthy for a dog? 

When considering the best feeding method, we often consider various options available. Dry, wet, semi-moist food or homemade food. Each of these types of food can and should guarantee the dog proper nutrition, meet energy needs and additional body support.  Nevertheless, the most frequently chosen method is dry food, let’s check if it’s right.  Advantages […]

puppy first day at home

How to care for a puppy in the first days.

A responsible owner knows that buying or adopting a dog is a big responsibility. A new member of the household will enter their life and will require attention, proper upbringing, care for health and well-being. So before your puppy arrives home, it’s worth getting ready for its arrival. Puppies require special care! After being separated […]

feeding dogs of different ages

Feeding the dog – what should the proper nutrition of a pet look like?

Dogs are relative carnivores. This means that, in the course of evolution, they have adapted eating both animal and plant-based foods. The main rule in the proper nutrition of your dog is that the food we choose for them should be complete. This means that meals should be complete and balanced – adjusted to the […]